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The lies, misinformation, corruption, and death we’ve experienced for the last three years are unacceptable, and I am announcing it is time for accountability. The federal and state corruption, along with the willingness of a vast majority of the scientific community to sell out, has necessitated that we step up our fight.

At this point, any legitimate scientist – who has not been bought off can see what has happened, and any with ethics are speaking out. Only the most corrupt or lazy members of the scientific community are still promoting the COVID narrative, particularly the vaccines.

This death and destruction are unnecessary. As the died suddenly phenomenon continues to repeat in athletes such as Damar Hamlin and in many children, the idea that the mRNA gene therapy jabs posing as vaccines are either safe or effective is rightly crumbling. The simple fact is that before the release of these “vaccines,” the FDA was already expecting the side effects we are seeing (see the leaked FDA presentation from the fall of 2020).

Further, the post-authorization study Pfizer was required to perform and which was submitted to the FDA in early 2021, demonstrated that the issues these jabs were expected to cause were actually happening.

This corruption must end, so I am announcing that I am working on a lawsuit that I estimate will be worth approximately $1 trillion against Pfizer. These are allegations at this point, but I am confident we have reached the point this lawsuit can be developed. That said, the complexity of this suit means I expect it will take quite some time for me to write, so I am sharing info on it in hopes a more prominent firm can take it or assist in it so that the suit is expedited. We have to save lives, and I do not care who gets credit; it just needs to be done.

I will help any firm that I believe has the ability to bring this case credibly. The issue is and has been for quite some time; most of the big firms have been afraid to step up for humanity. Some were bought off by accepting large clients that conflicted them out of standing for the little guy, and some were just afraid of the fight. There is no more time for fear; I challenge my fellow attorneys to look at the facts and decide which side of history they want to be on.

It is time for we the people, to demand accountability. From the “vaccine” manufacturers, big tech (that conspired to cover up known risks), and federal and state officials that stayed quiet about known risks to ensure they did not face the wrath of big pharma money during the election cycle.

We have the real facts, we have a public that is waking up, and I believe we have the law on our side. We need to educate the courts and fight in every arena we can.

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