On Tuesday, the day after the story broke that classified documents had been found at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, CNN offered some analysis in the form of Republicans pouncing: Just as House Republicans are taking control of the House, this new “line of attack” has fallen “into their laps.” This is important because Republicans in the House are clamoring to investigate the Biden administration.

Now CNN’s back with a new analysis, saying the Biden document scandal “eats away” at efforts to hold Republicans accountable. How so?

Stephen Collinson explains:

While Trump’s retention of hundreds of documents and attempts to thwart their transfer to the National Archives as required by law appears more serious at this stage, Biden’s deepening troubles are offering a huge opening to the new pro-Trump House majority. The GOP is already moving to unleash an investigative machine designed to prove their long-held belief that Democrats have weaponized the federal government and intelligence agencies against conservatives – and to create the appearance of equivalence between Trump’s behavior as president and the actions of Biden and his circle.

Biden’s own sharp criticisms of Trump’s handling of secret intelligence are now coming back to haunt him and opening him up to charges of hypocrisy. While each case will be assessed according to its own legal merits, the possibility that Trump would face criminal action for conduct that will – for many voters – appear to broadly mirror Biden might make any prosecution politically unsustainable.

Isn’t CNN the network that created a graphic showing the vast difference between Biden and Trump? After all, Biden had fewer than 12 classified documents in his office at the Penn Biden Center. Plus, they weren’t in Biden’s house. But that was before more classified documents were found in his garage in Wilmington. Time to update that graphic, CNN.

Get this:

“We are on dangerous ground.” C’mon, man! It’s funny — CNN has made a lot of followers very angry by using the word “scandal” in the headline: more proof that the new CNN is just like Fox News. They’re even calling for a boycott of CNN for using the word.


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