People who receive a real threat call the police, they don’t put their freakin’ logo on it and tweet it out.

Eric Swalwell has an interesting habit of tweeting out all of these death threats he magically gets from people with a southern accent. Ok, men with a southern accent. When you see these various threats he’s tweeted in the past year you’ll notice they’re always conveniently timed so he can play the victim and blame some evil right-winger like Trump, MTG, or McCarthy.

For example, Eric was just kicked off his committee … so he’s claiming McCarthy lied about him having an inappropriate relationship with a Communist Chinese spy and so this crazy guy who sounds a lot like the other crazy guys sent him a death threat.


Pure vengeance.



We pulled his other death threats so everyone can see what he’s shared …



But wait, there’s more.

See how he was bringing up the FBI ‘clearing’ him even then?

Seems like a theme.

FYI, we never heard anything else about any of these threats.

Seems sorta convenient, yea?


Could these threats that all sound very similar and say the same sort of things be real? Sure. But if they are, Eric shouldn’t be posting them on Twitter to score points. He should be working with the police to protect himself and his family.

But since he’s on Twitter begging for attention?




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