As you know it was revealed today that Joe Biden had classified documents in his garage at his Delaware home.

Peter Doocy confronted Biden about this at a presser he was holding today, asking him what he was thinking having classified documents in his garage.

Biden responded to the question, giving the dumbest justification for having these classified documents in his garage.


Biden’s justification, as to ‘what he was thinking’, was that he keeps his corvette in his garage and he keeps it locked. Ergo it’s okay to keep classified docs in there. Seriously.

But that’s ridiculous. If you remember, President Trump actually worked with the National Archives and the FBI to put a special lock on the door to the room at Mar-a-Lago where he was keeping the documents that he unclassified. Not just any old lock, but a very special one.

I seriously doubt Biden’s garage has any special locking mechanism on it to protect classified documents. But whatever lock he has, he’s essentially saying that if it’s good enough for his corvette, it’s good enough for classified documents.

What a moron.

Along with this, we are now learning that Hunter Biden claimed in 2018 that he owned the home where Biden was keeping these classified documents in the garage with this corvette.

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