I ran across a Tweet today that was just perfect in every way. It was a window into the soul of liberals.

It happens every once in a while. The piece of coal turns into a diamond before your eyes.

What’s so perfect about this tweet? To me it’s obvious, but I have spent my life around people with advanced degrees who think that makes them wise. You know the type: “I went to Harvard.” “Historian here…” People who think that a credential is a substitute for intelligence and experience.

Let’s break it down:


Lauren Boebert–a representative the Left loves to insult as stupid–makes an obvious point. Mayor Pete, our Transportation Secretary, seems to be the least competent person ever. Everything he touches turns to crap. This is so obvious that even a bunch of liberals have taken notice. 

Buttigieg has been a central figure in multiple crises. Most obviously, he was on paternity leave for 7 months during the worst supply chain crisis in American history. Container ships were lined up for miles, unable to unload cargo at American ports–a literally unprecedented situation that exacerbated both shortages in vital goods and accelerated inflation just as it was heating up.

The man was barely installed in the job, and he left it during the crisis to cuddle with Chasten. The Left loved it; the rest of the country wanted the transportation system to actually transport things. Which, of course, makes us homophobic. Demanding competence or even presence in a job is evidence of hatefulness or something.

Since this initial failure Mayor Pete has continued his losing streak, with the airlines fouling up, the FAA blowing a software update, stranding millions, Amtrak stranding people….

You get the idea. Score one for Boebert. Mayor Pete is clearly unqualified for the job. He is failing to do it. Reality has spoken.

VOTE VETS: Harvard. Oxford. Rhodes Scholar. Navy intelligence officer. Clearly he is qualified.

Notice how reality doesn’t come into play? Nothing about whether the transportation system he is supposed to manage actually works?

He has degrees! From very important places! QED!

Yes, liberals really do think this way. It is why they are obsessed with higher ed, as if giving more people more useless pieces of paper with seals on them actually makes anybody smarter or more competent. You can go look at the statistics correlating educational attainment and IQ and it immediately becomes clear that we are just giving away degrees regardless of intelligence or ability. The average IQ for each degree has gotten lower each decade.

The average intelligence and knowledge for a college graduate today is no better than a High School graduate from 50 years ago.

For the Left, though, what matters is the credential, not the ability or competence. Absurd, but true.

Credentials should only matter if they are reliable signals that the person who has them is especially competent. Otherwise they are a distraction. Who cares whether Mayor Pete went to Oxford if he screws everything up?

Only liberals do. Many of them think he should be president.

Me? I think he has proven that he’s not even fit to run a lemonade stand.

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