There are a lot of unwritten rules these days when it comes to writing about “protected classes” of Americans. Race, sexual orientation, religion, and now gender are to be avoided or only mentioned in passing. Certainly, the protected minorities should never, ever be criticized lest the writer be branded a racist, sexist, homophobe, or the dreaded “transphobe.”

But being almost 69 years old, I refuse to spend my golden years walking on eggshells around certain people whose feelings might get hurt if I hammer them for being incompetent nitwits. The fact that they’re also “protected” from criticism because of what they are or who they are matters not.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have made it a matter of public policy to abandon merit in hiring in favor of obeying the god of “diversity.” And if the day ever arises when I am unable or prevented from criticizing the public policy choices of friend or foe for any reason, I will know the United States of America is lost.

When their diversity hires screw up, we should have the perfect right — the constitutional obligation — to point out that it doesn’t matter if Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is gay. What matters is that he’s an incompetent twit, no matter who he gets under the covers with when he goes home at night.

It’s not about race, sexual orientation, or any other idiotic yardstick the left uses to measure success. It’s an issue of competence vs. incompetence, and Peter Buttigieg just ain’t cutting it.

Chadwick Moore writing at The

Today’s FAA system failure came just weeks after Southwest Airlines ruined Christmas when its outdated computer system led to thousands of canceled flights — something that the transportation secretary brazenly mocked, seemingly unaware that the Biden administration had given billions of dollars in handouts to Southwest, with no oversight. As he wagged his finger at the airline, Mayor Pete was oblivious that his own computers might need a tune-up.

But bothersome tasks like keeping the planes flying, or the cargo ships moving, or the railroads secure, aren’t very sexy for Mayor Pete — who famously harvested a couple of babies from surrogates then went on “paternity leave” in the middle of a supply chain crisis. Being blindsided by catastrophe, as happened this morning, seems less like a bad day at the office for Pink Privilege Pete and more like a lifestyle choice.

PJM’s Stephen Green pointed out that when this most recent fumble by Buttigieg was happening, his department was in the midst of focusing on “racial equity,” “inclusion,” “income inequality,” “environmental justice,” and “climate change.” Never mind about the air transportation system coming to a halt; there are more important problems to deal with.

The truly frightening thing is that so many in the Democratic Party actually agree:

Lest we forget: Mayor Pete’s legacy as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, the only elected office he’s held, amounted to the fact that he couldn’t fix the potholes. Now he’s in charge of transport for the world’s largest economy, where he’s done little else than fuss over problematic acronyms and grandstand about racist roads and prejudiced bridges, while flying on private government jets to soccer matches in Europe and still finding time to post cringe on Instagram with his Navy Yard hausfrau Chasten.

This Friend of Dorothy has no clothes, let alone red sequined shoes. After today, even the people who once propped up Michael Avenatti as a potential presidential contender will be forced to slink back and pipe down on their Oval Office aspirations for Mayor Pete. “Folks, I’m too sleepy to understand the announcement they just made over loudspeaker at the airport,” tweeted ex-Republican View host Ana Navarro. “Why are all flights at MIA grounded? Anybody? @SecretaryPete? ✈️”

Taking “paternity leave” while the grocery store shelves were empty, automobile plants were struggling, and the supply chain crisis was threatening Christmas should have gotten Mayor Pete cashiered for being unable to set priorities. Instead, Biden left him in place so that he could shut down domestic air travel for 24 hours.

If Mayor Pete had been a straight white man, he would have been out on his butt for incompetence long before the computer glitch happened.

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