Every day brings another story of Joe Biden hiding classified documents in his various homes, a woodshed, or in the magazine rack next to the presidential toilet. What’s next? Maybe Hunter will leave the original Declaration of Independence in a computer repair shop. Perhaps Gropey Joe will fold up the Constitution and hide it inside an old Mitch Miller album.

Bob Wands

Speaking of the Constitution, it was written to keep people like Biden from occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. What happened?

Let’s take a peek at some of Biden’s greatest hits on the Constitution.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Constitution does NOT say a senator can’t (allegedly) shower with his daughter, so we have to give him that one.

Nowhere in the Constitution can I find where the Founding Fathers called for the creation of a federal law enforcement arm, much less allowing a political party to weaponize it and send it after political adversaries, like, say, former (future?) President Donald Trump.

Here are more!

Article IV: Relationships Between the States, Section 4: Republican Form of Government

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

Last time I checked, there is a record number of outsiders invading several states along our southern border. The Constitution requires the federal government to stop this nonsense, but if Biden did that, how would his Chinese commie handlers make billions of dollars and kill 100,000 American every year with fentanyl?

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Here are more examples of insanely unconstitutional nonsense our current president has put forth:

  • Attempting to wipe away student debt (conveniently done prior to a midterm election where his team was expected to get slaughtered)
  • Mandating COVID-19 shots
  • Allowing the CDC to declare an eviction moratorium. The Supreme Court declared in 2021 that only Congress has that authority — not the CDC. Biden ignored that ruling.
  • Cutting off school lunch funding for schools that didn’t adopt a ridiculous transgender curriculum, although, in all honesty, he swiped that move from Obama.
  • Declaring concerned parents “domestic terrorists.” Parents have a right — and a duty — to stand up for their kids.
  • Keeping January 6 prisoners locked up. Everyone is entitled to a speedy trial. Antifa sally-bois who burned police cars are being sentenced to less prison time than some J6 prisoners have already served without even having their day in court.
  • Trying to make more than three million gun-owning American felons by banning AR “pistol braces.” Biden has also made it clear he wants to take AR-15s from honest Americans. Biden’s war on the Second Amendment (and the First Amendment) smells a lot like fascism.

FASCIST-O-RAMA! Can anyone show me a point in history where an honest government sought to disarm its people?

Biden’s repeated use of our Constitution — in place of Cottonelle — is more than disturbing; it’s illegal. It’s also a clear and present threat to the future of our nation. Frankly, it’s the work of communists, as some handsome, patriotic American has been saying for a while now.

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