Biden’s handlers turned out to be hiding some classified documents in a closet at a shady business office.

The cleanup burden fell on the government propaganda mule, admitted diversity hire Karine Jean-Pierre, to do damage control — a.k.a. to brazenly lie — on behalf of her boss, which is the actual function she serves, despite whatever nonsense official title she holds as “White House Press Secretary.”

But in the January 11 press briefing, she didn’t really offer any sort of explanation whatsoever, instead citing a vaguely-defined ongoing “review” and “referring” reporters about a dozen times to either the White House counsel or the Department of Justice for answers about her boss’s legal improprieties.

The American public is ostensibly expected to find comfort in the Biden administration investigating itself to deliver justice to itself for its own potential crimes.

At around 54:45, following about the tenth non-answer from Jean-Pierre, one reporter very tepidly pushed back, reminding her of her boss’s pledge to transparency back in 2021: “One of the reasons we ask this is because on, like, day two of this administration, when he swore all of you in, the President said, quote, ‘I’m going to make mistakes. When I make them, I’ll acknowledge them and I’ll tell you, and I’ll need your help to help me correct them.’”

A visibly perturbed Jean-Pierre didn’t appreciate this mild pushback, and replied, “Ed — Ed — Ed, I am — we don’t need — we don’t need to have this. We work very well together… You don’t need to be contentious with me here, Ed.”

Being contentious with government propagandists is literally the intended function of a free press.

She seemed genuinely flabbergasted that the normally compliant press corps would ever press her when, instead of answering a direct question, she reads (at about a third-grade level) a pre-scripted talking point written for her by one of her staffers to deflect to the Department of Justice as if it’s an independent investigative body not controlled by her boss.

She very clearly views the press corps as her personal PR team, whose job is to record her absurd BS and then regurgitate it through the corporate media for dissemination to the plebes, all for the glorification of the regime.

Look for Ed, in the near future, to get his press pass revoked like the non-compliant African reporter who got his Stripe account banned after challenging KJP’s predecessor and current MSNBC employee Jen Psaki earlier in 2022.

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