As you know, Karine Jean-Pierre is having a bad week, with media asking very basic questions about Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents that she can’t answer and is annoyed about.

Just want to be clear here, that what these reporters are asking is just the bare minimum of what we ought to expect from the press. But it’s so rare they do their job at all when Democrats are in office that it’s almost stunning by comparison.

Kellyanne Conway made me laugh out loud when she talked about it with Marth MacCallum this afternoon when she deliberately stuck the knife in Biden’s back and the lazy media’s at the same time with this compliment.

“You know what they should worry about? The mainstream media is trying to crack a little bit on this,” said Kellyanne. “The headlines today were terrible for them, the chyrons on places like CNN, the questions from the press briefing room, they all sounded like Peter Doocy today, actually asking the tough, probing questions.”

This is what makes Conway great. The artistry of that response is pristine. She compares them to Doocy in order to praise them. That elevates Doocy, rebukes the rest for having not done that job until now, and sticks a thumb in Karine Jean-Pierre’s eye, because you KNOW that she’s been thinking that same thing.

“Why are CNN and MSNBC acting like Fox News on this?” Or “Why are the reporters acting like I’m a Republican press secretary!”

Either way, it’s just awesome to see Conway know how to dance on their graves.


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