Christopher Rufo is an advocate against Critical Race Theory and sexualization of children in schools. And that really, really bothers New York Magazine columnist Jonathan Chait for some reason.

Earlier this week, Chait begrudgingly “made a copy-editing tweak” to his piece about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis “imposing political control on schools” after Rufo called him out for lying about him. Well, apparently after several days, Chait’s still bitter about it, because he tweeted out the piece again this morning along with another ill-advised swipe at Rufo:

Wow, Jonathan. You sure showed Chris … that you have absolutely no shame or self-awareness whatsoever.

Raise your hand, Jonathan. Don’t be shy!

Poor Jonathan. He tries so hard. That’s all he can do, really.



Lefties FREAK after DeSantis appoints Chris Rufo to New College of Florida Board of Trustees and LOL

Christopher Rufo spotlights WaPo fessing up to ‘supreme embarrassment’ in hit piece


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