Gotta love these Twitter Files drops, especially the supplementals when the journalists working on this particular project can focus on the details. And this drop that focuses on that weasel of a weasel, Adam Schiff … it’s really something else.

We knew this guy was bad news and we keep saying WE KNEW it but when we see drops like this even we’re shocked.

Take a gander:

Adam seriously has some ‘splainin’ to do.






Because OF COURSE.

They pushed Twitter to censor content about themselves and Schiff.

To Twitter’s credit, they said no.

Well, sorta.

Nobody loves talking about QAnon more than the Left and Democrats.

And especially Adam Schiff.


We all know what that looks like.

Law enforcement.

What now?

There’s Paul Sperry again (who they did end up suspending).

Wow, Adam really had it out for Sperry.

It just gets worse and worse.



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