Earlier this week, Illinois Governor Priztker signed the Protect Illinois Communities Act, which bans the sale and distribution of “assault” weapons, high-capacity magazines, and switches in Illinois. This morning, Governor Pritzker appeared on CNN to discuss what might happen if a citizen doesn’t come forward and register their guns.

Pritzker explained that the first offense results in a fine, which isn’t too bad! Still unconstitutional, but it could be worse.

Then he said the second offense would be a Class 4 felony. Oh.

Several Sheriff’s Departments in Illinois have already said they won’t be enforcing the new law. Greene County Sheriff Robert McMillen wrote in a letter to his citizens, “As the custodian of the jail and as your chief law enforcement official, neither myself, nor my deputies, nor my office will be conducting or participating in any investigations or arrests […] concerning lawful gun owners failing to register their weapons with the state; or any other of the unconstitutional provisions contained in HB 5471.”

Governor Pritzker proceeded to threaten the employment of any law enforcement officers who refuse to follow his tyrannical agenda, saying in a press conference, “they will in fact do their job or they won’t be in their job.”

John Boch, the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization “Guns Save Life,” said several gun rights organizations plan to file challenges in federal court as early as next week. Devore Law Office also plans to bring a lawsuit against Governor Pritzker in state court, according to their website.

There’s reason to be optimistic about the litigation of this law, in light of the Supreme Court’s decision on New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen. That ruling set a precedent for determining whether a gun law is constitutional: the judges must rely on the text of the Second Amendment and the history of gun laws rather than the public safety purpose of the law. This decision also overturned New York’s restrictions on concealed carry permits.

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