In case you missed it, over the past several days, our moral and intellectual superiors on the Left have alternated between calling for bans on gas stoves and insisting that they’re definitely not coming for your gas stoves, you stupid, paranoid conservative morons, but if we were gonna come for your gas stoves, it would be a good thing.

And the New York Times is right in the thick of it, of course.

If you like those, then you’ll love today’s offering from Farhad Manjoo:

Farhad is trying to take the sensible approach to the current controversy. Just look:

“The natural gas-powered appliances in your home may be slowly killing you and everyone you love. That’s the bad news. The worse news is this: It’s not clear exactly what you should do about it — if anything at all.”

So the worst news is that you and everyone you love are probably going to be murdered to death by your gas stove and there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to stop it.

Because it’s a stupid, stupid time to be alive.

So much pouncing and seizing and thrusting.

Anyway, the lesson from Farhad Manjoo is pretty simple: Your gas stove may be killing you and everyone you love, but just remember that so are a bunch of other household appliances.

You can never be too sure or too careful:

Instead of getting an induction stove, then, it might make a lot more sense for you to spend your money on a heat pump, an underappreciated and kind of magical electric device that can replace both a gas-powered furnace and an air-conditioner. But there may be an even simpler and cheaper thing to do first: Weather seal your house. Ed May, a partner at the environmental consulting practice bldgtyp, told me that a lot of the ways to improve your home’s environmental impact are just “really not that exciting at all,” including “lots and lots of insulation.”

So, sure, your gas-powered stove may be out to get you. But it’s the furnace that may be a bigger menace. And don’t forget to insulate.

Maybe — just maybe — it’s not conservatives who are paranoid.

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