Yesterday on “The View,” the ladies got to thinking about the news that President Joe Biden had been keeping classified Obama-administration-era documents for years, in places like his private office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington, D.C., and the garage of his Wilmington, Delaware, home (or possibly Hunter Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home, depending on whom you ask).

And when the ladies got to thinking about all this, they got to thinking about the possibility that it’s part of some kind of Republican false-flag operation or something.

Anyway, it’s a brand-new day, and there’s some brand-new conspiracy theorizing happening on “The View.” This time, it comes courtesy of cohost Sunny Hostin, who shouldn’t ever be taken seriously as a serious person, for any reason, ever.


“I’ve conducted these investigations.” Is that supposed to be reassuring? Knowing that a woman who thinks Donald Trump hid classified documents in a golden toilet has been in a position of investigative authority???

Even Ana Navarro — who is a crazy conspiracy theorist in her own right — shot down the toilet thing, although she made up for that by mounting absurd defenses of Joe Biden’s actions:

That’s pretty bad, but what Sunny said is still stupider.

The documents were indeed discovered in the Biden Penn Center office in early November, before the midterm elections. Several weeks before Thanksgiving. And don’t try and tell us that Joe Biden was distracted by Halloween, Sunny.

Forget it; she’s rolling. They all are.



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