Retract the funding for the 187,000 new IRS agents. Voting to repeal the IRS with the Fair Tax. Restricting sales of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China et al. Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Secretary, Build the Wall. Prohibit voluntary contributions to the WHO. Whole bunches of other stuff.

Meaningless drivel.  No, not that they aren’t important (at least some of them). Meaningless in that they aren’t going to go anywhere.  They are, for the most part, meaningless because neither the Democrat-controlled Senate nor the Democrat-controlled Presidency are going to take any action on them.  The Congress is only 1/2 of 1/3rd of our Constitutional Branches of Government.

No, they can do LITTLE in these circumstances. Yes, they can STOP a bunch of things as the House of Representatives controls the purse strings IF they don’t allow the Senate to try to do an end run around that Constitutional authority. They can STOP things by stopping the funding.

Ten years plus is a long time, however, and I’m afraid that many have either forgotten the lesson or never heard of it. We will shortly begin to hear the cries that we’ve heard before during the TEA Party movement!


No, they couldn’t and yes, we did.  What happened then?


No, they couldn’t and yes, we did.  What happened then?

They failed to keep their promises.  They were like the junkyard dogs that finally caught the car bumper and then stood there. Knowing that they had just been found out.

While in the minority-majority, they could pass ALL KINDS of things in the House. While in the minority-majority of the Senate, they could pass ALL KINDS of stuff.  None of the House stuff mattered because the Senate would kill it for them. None of the Senate stuff mattered because the President would veto it for them.

And then when we gave them the trifecta, they grew strangely quiet. To the point where they did little.

Because now what they did would have consequences. REAL consequences.

And they grew afraid. VERY afraid. They became the “Do Nothings” as they realized that now their votes could be used against them – especially after they had promised so much that they decided to do so little.

So we cashiered them all for not keeping their word and promises.

I see this pattern starting anew down in DC – a flurry of activity and bills flying out of the House. Sure, they are “keeping” their promises. But I wait for the entrieties to start: give us more, give us more. You’ll see, we’ll get it done.

Color me unbelieved – I’ve watched this before. Surprise me and my sense of unbelief may dissipate like the fog outside right now.

But I’m not going to hold my breath – too much in parallel is the history of the past unfolding yet again.

I don’t fault them for “doing” right now” – I just want to see it to its completion.  That’s why I’m not being a rah-rah guy right now.

Prove it to me after the 2024 elections when it looks like you SHOULD take over the Senate given the seats that will be up for grabs AND the Presidency.

And then don’t force me to walk away again as you act like a third-rate TV network running decades own reruns and wanting us to cover you with glory before you’ve actually accomplished anything meaningful.

We’re watching. Pitchforks are just waiting in the corners.

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