Who’s up for a good Republican pouncing on this fine Saturday?

Politico has served up today’s GOP seizing, and it’s about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and the multiple problems that just coincidentally have arisen during his watch:

Something must look bad for Democrats because some in the media are making the story about Republicans again:

That’s the tried-and-true approach in the current state of “journalism.”

At least they avoided “Republicans thrust,” which is how the Washington Post reported the Right’s reaction to a floated idea to ban gas stoves.

Pounce alert:

Pete Buttigieg’s charmed tenure as President Joe Biden’s Transportation secretary has turned messier.

In his first two years in the usually backwater Cabinet post, Buttigieg has reaped no shortage of political benefits, from hopscotching around battleground states handing out infrastructure checks to making hundreds of hits on late-night television and local news.

But lately he’s been seeing the downsides of running a sprawling department as a rising Democratic Party star. That was never more true than this week when a Federal Aviation Administration computer meltdown forced a 106-minute nationwide shutdown of domestic air traffic, delaying thousands of flights.
And this time, the criticism could prove more challenging — unlike past GOP attacks on Buttigieg for his use of paternity leave, DOT’s allegedly “woke” climate policies, last year’s threatened rail strike and the tortured state of the post-pandemic U.S. supply chain.

Meanwhile, as Republicans pounce, the Democrats slough:

That’s enough pouncing and sloughing for today!

Buttigieg cannot fail, we can only fail him.



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