Left-wing horror author Stephen King tried to justify the Joe Biden classified documents possession in a quote tweet recently.

King’s tweet came in response to one by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson who had said, “Joe Biden — fresh from lecturing us about how Donald Trump is a criminal because he had unauthorized possession of secret documents — that very same Joe Biden, himself had unauthorized possession of secret documents.”

“But don’t worry. It’s no big deal,” Carlson said sarcastically while also sharing a clip of a segment on the matter on his show.

King declared in the quote tweet, “Joe turned his over. Trump fought to keep his. Big difference.”

In response, many on the opposite end of the political spectrum took King to task over the situation.

Republican candidate for Congress Nicholas Tutora told him, “Trump as President can declassify, biden as VP could not.”

Motivational speaker Tim Ryan replied, “Turned them over they just found the third box hidden? He didn’t turn anything over he got caught.”

Musician Five Times August paraphrased King in response as he said, “I mean yea… having classified documents sitting around at your home is wrong… but when my guy does it it’s okay.”

It was recently reported that Biden has achieved his approval rating highest since October 2021 so it will be interesting to see if this situation affects that at all.

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