In addition to this week’s news that Joe Biden had been keeping some classified documents secured in his garage while monitored under the watchful eye of his Corvette, there was a lot of talk about the Biden administration floating the possibility of banning gas stoves. It didn’t take long for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to come out and say there are no plans to ban gas stoves even though the commissioner’s comments were what started the controversy in the first place.

Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn was not a fan of the idea:

After that, along came Dem Rep. Ted Lieu who thought he’d painted Blackburn into a corner with this doozy:

Wait, what?

That tweet probably made more sense in Lieu’s head, which is where it should have stayed.

And yet he tweeted it anyway and will double and triple down if necessary.



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Ted Lieu got fact checked so hard he had to delete his tweet

Rep. Ted Lieu tries to help by naming 2 things it would be ‘stupid’ of the House GOP majority to do

One of the many progs we’ve been told aren’t coming for gas stoves is coming for gas stoves


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