It’s encouraging to see that Buffalo Bill’s safety Damar Hamlin is on the road to recovery. One wonders if he will be cleared to resume his career. And if so, one can imagine in a lightsome way a scenario in which he intercepts a pass and rambles for a touchdown while opposing players dive out of the way, desperate to avoid tackling or even touching him. Seriously, though, one wishes only the best for him as he contemplates his future.

His collapse on the field was the most significant and harrowing event of the current NFL season, eclipsing every partisan concern regarding the rivalry of playoff-bound teams vying for an appearance in the Super Bowl. Injuries are expected in so violent a sport, but not the imminent death of a player. I suspect that events of this nature are bound to happen again. As J.D. Rucker writes in The Liberty Daily, “Unfortunately, this isn’t the first and it’s not going to be the last. People suddenly collapsing, especially athletes and others who are engaged in physical activity, are becoming more common than they were just a couple of months ago, and it was really bad back then.”

There has been much controversy regarding the cause of Hamlin’s sudden seizure. Some commentators put it down to commotio cardis, which occurs when a blow to the chest disrupts the heart’s electrical activity — the favored explanation of those who are determined to avoid the elephant in the room. The fact that the blow is usually extremely hard and precisely targeted is dismissed from consideration. Others see the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, the presumably invisible elephant, as the source of cardiac arrest, especially as patently vaccinated young athletes are succumbing in disturbing numbers to myocarditis — in baseball and in rugby, as well as in football — and even in non-contact sports like soccer. The phenomenon is not in doubt.

Indeed, just as Hamlin was preparing to be released from hospital, another young football player died suddenly and mysteriously on his way to class. As Catherine Salgado reports for PJ Media, “The latest victim of the ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ killing so many healthy young people is Hunter Brown, a 21-year-old Air Force Academy cadet and offensive lineman on the AF Falcons football team,” though he was not on the field at the time of his collapse and did not experience a hit on the chest.

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The Cleveland Clinic affirms that “Cases of commotio cardis are extremely rare.” It seems highly unlikely that commotio cordis could account for the sudden and alarming surge in athlete mortality, a spike that is demonstrably occurring post-vaccine. Nonetheless, the narrative that the vaccines — really gene-altering substances — are “safe and effective” has become something like sacred scripture to be contested only at peril of excommunication from the parish of compliant believers. The vaccines have become the viaticum of the socially and politically anointed, not to mention a fearful and uninstructed public. And yet common sense alone should tell us that the abrupt and ongoing profusion of these singular events occurring in the wake of the introduction of the vaccines would surely suggest an obvious source.

Although the statistics relating to such deaths will be relentlessly and sanctimoniously denied by the usual run of progressivist so-called “fact checks,” the actual list of these fatalities provided by the highly respected site Covid Vaccine Side Effects & Information is staggering. “While there is no way to be certain if the vaccine was completely responsible for an athlete who suffers a cardiac related event or death, the question should absolutely be brought up when there have been many reports of [such] issues,” the authors write. And there have been far too many such instances. The tone of the report is moderate, as befits responsible scientists; the taxonomy devastating, as in this case befits probabilities.

The Epoch Times, citing corroborating evidence, reports that several serious problems that can lead to death have been causally linked to the vaccines, including myocarditis. Responding to a German study on rapid, vaccine-caused mortality in ordinary people, research physician Joseph Fraiman observed that “Given alternative causes are unlikely to cause myocarditis within one week of vaccination, this is essentially conclusive evidence that we’re seeing sudden cardiac deaths from the vaccines.” Adverse results, it appears, are happening not only to young athletes.

There is an old Jewish joke about God, Jesus, and Moses meeting to play a round of golf. God tees up, swings, the heavens part, the 24 elders from Revelation, dressed in white with crowns of gold, cheer mightily, as a powerful wind emerges, playing arabesques with the golf ball before depositing it gently into the cup to the sound of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. Next, it’s Jesus’ turn. The ball soars into the sky, an angel appears performing a loop-the-loop, lights a cigar, dandles the ball like a yoyo, and floats it into the cup for another hole-in-one. Finally, Moses steps up to the tee, leans wearily on his golf club, and says, “Okay, guys, do you want to screw around or do you want to play golf?”

Or in other words, let’s get real.

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