The Ins and Outs of Benedict Biden’s Stolen Classified Documents Scandal

The ins and outs of Biden’s Documentgate – American Thinker

January 14, 2023

As our sages in Judaism have advised, in the troubles of your opponent, do not exult, and in his downfall, do not indulge in joy.

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It is difficult, after two years of daily griefs and disappointments in constitutional observance, not to have endorphinic turnaround at seeing the incompetent press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, squirm at the many questions of the W.H. press corps on the scurrilous finds of Biden’s national security breach, in squirreling away an unknown quantity of classified documents.  There is no doubt that Jean-Pierre is again not up to the job.

Possibly at work here is the plan of thoughtful (if nefarious, no stretch) Democrat functionaries against President Biden as he maneuvers for a run for re-election in 2024.

Have they (the huge blob galaxy represented by “they”) blown this whistle?

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Could persons unknown have ferried all these tranches of top-secret docs to Biden’s office, his garage, his home, elsewhere?  Some Democrats are hypothesizing this pathetic dog-ate-my-homework excuse.  One locale, possibly.  Three?  Uh-uh.

Did one or more (probably more) of Biden’s colleagues on the Hill figure out that the disclosure of illicitly “borrowed” archival documents would put the kibosh on the Biden non-secret desire to run for the W.H. again in the next election cycle?

Of course, it might also be a Republican…or Russian!…asset putting this into the limelight.  The D.C. lawyers are still deeply enmeshed in the discovery phase of this “process.”  But so many questions about guardianship of documents, provenance, the locales of these sudden stash finds, and who indeed put these papers in their nests, still exist, with Jean-Pierre useless as a source of answers that make any sense.

Although Joy Behar of the malignant The View exclaimed that these disclosures and ongoing turmoil translate to “Trump is the luckiest person in the world,” as she expostulated on Thursday, 12 January, on the gossip panel program, the former president can hardly be said to be “lucky,” as he has been dogged by false, pernicious charges and lawsuits nonstop for years.  This is not the capstone of a series of lucky developments, as we all shake our heads at the years-long FBI ignoring of the Hunter Biden’s lost laptop, the false and sturdily unproven Schiff pronouncements, the misrepresented faked ”facts” of the ongoing COVID calamity.

No.  The logic points to the malefactors being likely Democrats in high places concerned with the prospects for a Democrat win in the next election.  Mr. Biden is famously elderly, and not doing well at present on any matrix.  The idea that he could run or possibly win another term cannot be regarded with anything short of, let’s be honest, upchuck.  His initiatives have resulted in a nearly five-million-illegal-person invasion of our border.  His uniformly incompetent Cabinet has presided over shortages in infant formula, foodstuffs, and all manner of needed supplies — including, most recently, even the humble egg.

Groceries rival scary movies for their escalating prices.  Real-life crime is making even action movies tame.  Diseases and variants are still rampant and, some maintain, worsening.

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Our interest rates are high.  Inflation is running a marathon.  Recession is either here, per the definition, or looming.  Children are dying in multiples from fentanyl, smuggled in from the plutocrat cartels daily.

Yes, nothing is going well in the land of Joe B.

On the other hand, this Deus ex mass o’ papier may be a saving grace for the limping economy and befuddled populace.  Heaven may be offering us a needed helping hand out of the quagmire of Bidenocracy and its endless discontents.

Let us pray that the end result means an overdue resurgence of wellness and prosperity for the American people.  Please.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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