Two sleazeball Democrats, Adam Schiff and Ilhan Omar, said they are GLAD that there’s a special counsel and they are “reserving judgment” on Biden’s classified documents scandal.

Now get something straight about the game they are playing. They think they will be able to get credit for being “fair” while also saying that Biden probably did nothing wrong and is way better than Trump, and then it’ll all go away and they can save that for later to whip out the “but I was fair about it with Biden” card. And they’re trying to stay on committees that, come on, they aren’t going to be staying on.

BUT you can also be sure that Biden and his team do not care about those schemes, they only care that these two aren’t slobbering on his ring and calling him above reproach.

But scheming frauds like these two are always going to play their angle. Which works out great for all of us because it’s HILARIOUS to see.

Again, don’t make the mistake of thinking we don’t know what game these two are playing. They’re trying to force Republicans to endorse investigations into Trump, they want to have clips to refer back to claiming they proved they aren’t partisan about national security, and MOST importantly, they are both getting kicked off committees right now and want to force the GOP majority to allow them to stay ON those committees.

We know what they’re doing. It’s funny anyway.

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