Dr. Alveda King, an outspoken pro-life advocate and niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., declared Monday that combatting divisive ideology requires a constant restatement of the values her uncle espoused more than a half century ago.

“In every generation, truth must be taught,” Kind said during an interview on the “John Solomon Reports” podcast. “And because I feel as though we’re living in accelerated times, because of all the technology and stuff — every decade.

“So in every decade, truth must be told, and restated, and restated, and restated,” she added. “So when things get really bad, we can almost say ‘I don’t have enough word of God left.’ If you look at it that way. ‘I need to be praying more. I need to be saying more. I need to be doing more.’

When asked about how she marked MLK Day celebrated on Monday, she said she spent it with a close filmmaker friend who is pro-life, decrying the original Roe v. Wade decision that was overturned last year as being harmful to women. She said the advancement of science had made the pro-life case even stronger.

Take a look at information that was not available when it (abortion) became legal ,” she said. “So, some things well, we didn’t really know it was a baby. We didn’t know when life began. We think it won’t hurt women. Well, everything is so different there.

“But to level that playing field, as you just said, we got 50 percent for [abortion] 50 percent against,” she added “We can fight to make abortion illegal, of course. And that’s something that needs to happen to a certain extent. However, let’s make abortion unthinkable.” 

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