( Natural News ) The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) just approved a conditional license for the world’s first “vaccine” for honeybees.

The claim is that this new vaccine will help to fight the diseases that routinely ravage bee colonies, which are vital to food production. (Related: Honeybees have been under attack for many years by farmers who spray death-causing Roundup [glyphosate] herbicide on their crops – is there a vaccine for that?)

Dalan Animal Health, a U.S.-based biotechnology company, will manufacture the vaccine for commercial beekeepers, providing them with “a breakthrough in protecting honeybees,” according to company CEO Annette Kleiser.

“We are ready to change how we care for insects, impacting food production on a global scale,” Kleiser stated ominously.

One of the diseases that the new honeybee vaccine purportedly fights is foulbrood, a disease carried by the bacterium Paenibacillus larvae. Roughly one-quarter of all U.S. hives are infected with foulbrood, which is said to have no cure.

“It’s something that beekeepers can easily recognize because it reduces the larvae to this brown goo that has a rancid stink to it,” said Keith Delaplane, an entomologist at the University of Georgia who helped Dalan develop the vaccine. Stop spraying the environment […]

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