In your feel-good video clip of the day, watch a would-be shoplifter get yeeted to the curb by a brawny guitar hero. The action occurred recently in a Guitar Center store on Menaul Boulevard Northeast in Albuquerque, N.M.

In the cell phone video, a belligerent customer is being shown the door by an alpha-male store employee when he grabs an acoustic guitar in the hopes of absconding with it — which was his mistake. Our guitar hero immediately throws a choke hold on the guy and takes him down, neat as you please.

In a temper tantrum, the pinned scumbag attempts to smash the guitar, but other store employees take it from him before he can destroy it. The brave employee who has him under control then tells him he will be allowed to get up and walk out of the store like a man. “You are leaving this store, right f**king now. Right?”

But when the good guy releases the would-be thief, the loser remains lying on the floor. Guitar Hero isn’t having it, however; he hoists the guy by the scruff of his neck and his belt, and drags him out to the curb like a sack of trash. And there he lies, yelling that the store employees are scumbags and wailing, “Oh my goodness.”

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Watch all the way to the comical conclusion:

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