Mel Brooks has released the trailer for History of the World Part 2, the long-awaited sequel to 1981’s History of the World Part 1. Though thanks to Ye, I don’t think we’re getting “Jews in Space.” I see a few of my colleagues who are all like “ZOMG, this means you can still make comedy in America.” I have my doubts about this.

First, let’s hear from Uncle Mel.

Mel Brooks is the man responsible for 50% of everything I know to be funny. The other 50% encompasses everything from Groucho Marx to that viral video of the failed guitar thief.

Uncle Mel is literally looking over me as I write this.

I have two big concerns. The first is, when was the last time you remember a laugh-out-loud comedy? Studios are more concerned with what bloggers or random idiots on Twitter a joke may offend than to allow a movie to be funny.

The only exception is if you are offending people for the “right” political reasons.

There are a number of names attached to this project that are red flags: Josh Gad, Wanda Sykes, Seth Rogen, etc.

My other concern is 99.86% of all reboots SUCK. There are exceptions. Cobra Kai gets it right, and I loved the new Kids in the Hall series. The rest are horrible. They come across as a parody of the source material people loved. Which in this case would be a parody of a parody.

Will History of the World Part 2 be a Mel Brooks project? Or will it be something that is trying too hard to be a Mel Brooks project?

Uncle Mel is listed as one of the two writers on IMDB. That’s a good sign. And he has yet to let me down. Remember, we all agreed never to speak of Dracula Dead and Loving It.

History of the World Part 2 drops on Hulu on March 6th. I’m hoping for the best.

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