Do any of you remember that time a little over a year ago, when President Joseph R. Biden told an audience of HBCU South Carolina State University graduates that he used to hang out after mass at a black church on the east side, where he worked with other Civil Rights activists to desegregate restaurants and movie theaters? It wasn’t even remotely true, of course, but still. He said it:

Well, for what it’s worth, he hasn’t let the fact that he was completely full of it stop him from doing an encore, which he did yesterday:


“And let’s lay one thing to rest: I may be a practicing Catholic [Twitchy editor’s note: Joe Biden’s definition of “practicing Catholic” likely differs from that of other practicing Catholics], I used to go to 7:30 mass every morning in high school and then onto college, before I went to the black church. Not a joke. Andy knows this.”

Narrator: Andy does not know this. Apparently nobody at the black church knows this:

And, last time we checked, Joe Biden was not in high school or college in 1972.


Well, well, well. This is all very interesting, isn’t it?

Sure seems like it.

And Joe Biden’s been full of crap for decades. Since way before George Santos was born, in fact.

Yeah, quite a head-scratcher.


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