Chuck Todd is shocked that anybody would imagine that Hunter Biden might have violated a law. It’s imagination, speculation, wild conspiracy theories. What possible laws could he have broken?

“It’s not a crime to use your last name to make money,” he says. So what’s the big deal?

According to Todd, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal is a big fat nothing. That whole 10% for the big guy? Burisma, China, all that. Only the tin-foil hat crowd might imagine anything might be fishy. Certainly anybody who thinks that any of this should be investigated has a screw loose.

Hunter is pure as the driven snow. All that hookers and blow? I guess that is a fine weekend out with good ol’ Chuck. All those shady deals in Ukraine and China? Perfectly normal. Paying off his dad’s bills with the proceeds? What a good son. Renting his dad’s house for $50 grand a month while there are unsecured classified documents in the garage and the office? No big deal.

What do you think? He’s Donald Trump Jr. or something? Now there is a really bad guy. He must have done something wrong because of not just his last name, but his first.

Donald. Trump. Jr. Guilty. Belongs in jail.

Surely he is bad, and we need every law enforcement agent in the universe to look into him. But Hunter? Whatever would give anybody the idea that there might be a skeleton or two in his closet? As the New York Times told us over the weekend, he is just a guy who hit a bad stretch and is now being persecuted.

Did I say Donald Trump is a Republican? Republicans are bad, and some of them are even orange.

But Hunter is a Biden, and Bidens are good guys. They deserve a break or 3 when it comes to…well, everything. Honestly, it’s unfair to hound a president’s children anyway.

Did you hear about Ivanka and Jared? Let me tell you….Emoluments or something.

Nobody in Washington these days is even trying to pretend that they are anything but shills for the Democrats. The FBI, Senator Johnson revealed, hid the ball with the Hunter Biden laptop for 9 months from Senators. The Senate had the laptop, asked the FBI about it, and they apparently claimed not to know about it. Even though they had it. They implied it was disinformation. When they knew it was real.

This was before the laptop became public. The FBI hid the truth from Congress when directly asked. So the FBI is shilling for the Democrats.

The New York Post gets the laptop and publishes some of the contents. The entire media establishment along with the Intelligence  “community” shills attack it as Russian disinformation–knowing that it was real. They just hid the ball.

Because they are shills for the Democrats. Unapologetically so. It is good business for them to be. If you are a Republican it is open season; if you are a Democrat you get infinite amounts of covering fire. Whose side would you prefer to be on?

Now Congress will finally do its job and investigate what exactly went on, and with the crimes out in the open Chuck Todd and all the media flaks just deny that anything wrong happened. Who could possibly think so?

To call this moving the goalposts would be laughable. Rather, it is playing Calvinball.

What is galling to me isn’t just the ridiculous hypocrisy. Everybody plays the hypocrite at some point because we tend to protect our priors, even when they are demonstrably wrong. We try to avoid it, but hypocrisy is very human. Usually, though, we try to either hide it or, if we are honest, avoid it as much as possible.

So what stands out to me is the complete arrogance, shamelessness, and even superciliousness with which it is done. The Establishment is so assured of our powerlessness that they will laugh in our faces while spewing their lies and nonsense. Chuck Todd knows exactly what Hunter Biden is being accused of–of what he is certainly guilty of–and simply doesn’t care. Because Hunter is a prominent Democrat, so the rules don’t apply to him.

Hunter Biden is so clearly corrupt, so clearly worse than pond scum, and so obviously a criminal (we have the photographs!) that to assert otherwise doesn’t even qualify as gaslighting. It’s just a raw assertion of power. They know they are lying. We know they are lying. They know we know they are lying. And they laugh in our face.

This is our Elite, raw and unfiltered.

They are only able to get away with this because they control almost every lever of power in our society. It is infuriating.

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