Matt Taibbi has been one of the main journalists exposing Twitter and the federal government as working together to control narratives that influence what people know, understand, believe, and ultimately, even influence them politically. Part of this story has been the absolute lie of the Russian collusion hoax which we now know the Clinton Campaign created basically out of thin air.

Social media, traditional media, and all the cogs that make these things work fell in line and helped push the story as well.

And of course, Taibbi is exposing them all so they’re trying to destroy his character while claiming his story exposing the lies behind RussiaGate is a ‘right-wing’ trope. Luckily, Taibbi is fighting back … big time.


Totally right-wing.


Keep going, Taibbi was taking zero prisoners:

So Schiff, Feinstein, and Blumenthal lied. Gosh, we’re shocked … SHOCKED!


They cannot deal with the truth.

Hey, the truth hurts when you’re a lying, hypocritical doosher.


It is pretty hilarious, in a sad, pathetic, and embarrassing way.

OH, our fave is when he decimated Seth Abramson.

Considering Abramson is a gold medalist in writing really long-winded, boring-ass threads nobody cares about we have no doubt Taibbi could find more.

The louder his critics screech and yell the TRUER you know Taibbi’s stories have been.

And will be.

Stay tuned.



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