Joe Biden took classified documents from his time in the Obama administration and kept them in places that were not even remotely secure. There’s just no getting around that. He did it, and he wasn’t supposed to do it, and that’s just the way it is. And for a lot of liberals out there, it’s a real struggle to process all of this.

You’ve got people like The Bulwark’s Mona Charen, for example, who acknowledges in an essay in TIME that Biden did something bad that was bad when Donald Trump did it, and even though Joe Biden brought dignity back to the White House, he made a serious mistake in taking those documents.

You’ve also got people like MSNBC legal analyst Joyce White Vance, who prefers a slightly different approach to dealing with Biden’s wrongdoing: just defending it.

Check this out:


It took a lot of honesty and integrity to take classified documents and store them in a private office and his garage with his Corvette and it took a lot of honesty and integrity for people to discover these documents and not say anything until well after the midterm elections and a lot of honesty and integrity for the Justice Department to just kinda shrug all that off.

How the law works — or at least how it’s supposed to work — is that it applies equally to everybody. If what Donald Trump did was wrong, then what Joe Biden did was wrong, too (some might even argue that what Biden did was actually worse, because the documents found in his possession dated from his time as vice president).

What … what is she even talking about?

No, Joyce. Politics is making excuses for your guy’s bad behavior because your guy has a (D) after his name. There are plenty of intellectually honest conservatives out there who think that Trump and Biden both did something wrong.

Here’s a fact that matters: Joyce Vance is an insane person who should not be trusted for any sort of legal analysis on anything ever.

Joe Biden literally could’ve gotten in his Corvette and blown through a stoplight and run a guy down and killed him and gotten away with it for seven years until someone discovered what he’d done and then he said “I didn’t even know I did it and totally would’ve told the cops about it right away,” and Joyce here would’ve been explaining why Biden is a man of honesty and integrity.

Yep. Every time.



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