Nobody hates white people more than white woke Lefties.

True story.

There is no greater ‘friend’ to minorities in America than a white woke Leftist. At least that is what they tell themselves. Ultimately, they are the real and true racists who expect so little of people of color they feel they must be protected. This has been referred to as the ‘soft bigotry of low expectations.’

And of course, if you point this out to a white woke Lefty they will call you a white supremacist (regardless of your skin color) and scream about how the parties magically switched sides and that by default if you do not vote for Democrats you are literally a Nazi.

Hey man, nobody ever accused white woke Lefties of being all that bright:

Awww equity.

The boil on the butt of any and all woke initiatives. See, our white work Lefty pals aren’t happy with simple equality, no no, they want EQUITY so they can take away from evil white people who are villains out of the gate for daring to be WHITE and give to the poor people of color who are clearly victims who need saving.

It’s obnoxious, right?

And to PragerU’s point, insulting to people of color and an initiative many people of color do not support anyway.

How dare PragerU be honest?!

Like clockwork …

Republicans freed the slaves.

But you do you, Boo.

Notice they included a screenshot, not a link.

Wonder where this came from. Oh, and we can’t help but notice their avi is of a white person.


The reality …

Something like that.



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