Robert Reich was SO CLOSE with this tweet about Moderna … he ALMOST had it figured out but then he went down the stupid road and lost his way. It’s not just corporate greed, Bob, it’s a government-supported monopoly that not only created tremendous wealth for a handful of people but tremendous power as well.

But he just can’t seem to accept that his pals in the government are bad people.

As we said, SO close.

Yet so far.


Hey, Bob did his part to make sure Moderna got paid.

Like a good little serf.

And he didn’t even really realize it.

That’s gotta sting.


Corporate greed our foot.

Bobby helped them with their greed, just sayin’.

Guess so.

Nothing is ever ‘free’.

Especially when the government is involved.

Think Bobby has figured it out yet?

Yeah, us either.



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