Joe Rogan has questions for Joe Biden.

Podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan is asking the questions most Americans want to know regarding President Biden’s classified documents scandal —including the large sums of cash dropped on the Biden Penn Center by China.

“So the Chinese might be funding a think tank that has classified documents?” Rogan said. “$54 million in Chinese gifts donated to UPenn, home of the Biden center. What the f***, man? $54 million in gifts. This just like, you know, yo-yos, and s***. Xboxes, beer koozies. What the f*** are they giving them?”

“What’s crazy is that the documents being there are the big story not that China gave them 50 plus million dollars,” Rogan said. “That’s a big g*****n story. And that seems to be par for the course right?”

From The Daily Wire:

The podcast giant said that the funding from China likely influenced the policies that the organization was promoting. “So this Biden Penn think tank, what did they promote?” Rogan said. “Like, what did they, let’s see if we can find out what $54 million from China gets you.”

During another segment, Rogan said that he knew very little about politics but that if he to take a guess, he believes “they’re trying to get rid of him [Biden].”

“My guess would be they’re trying to get rid of him, if all of a sudden his own aides are sending these, instead of like taking these classified documents which you have located and go, ‘Well, let’s not do that again’, and f***ing locking them up somewhere,” Rogan said. “His own aides? That sounds sus[picious].”

Watch the clip above. Warning: Language.

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