Today is the day that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is inaugurated for his third term. One of Abbott’s top issues is border security. He’s been dealing with the Biden border crisis since it began two years ago and times are not getting better for border states. Abbott said that DHS Secretary Mayorkas should be impeached.

With a new Republican majority in the House, Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) vowed to file articles of impeachment against Mayorkas. Fallon followed through on that promise. The two articles of impeachment filed by Fallon are named as “high crimes and misdemeanors,” known as House Resolution 8. Governor Abbott is focused on the fact that Mayorkas lied to Congress when he testified that the border is not open (!) and the fact that Mayorkas does not enforce immigration laws on the books. Mayorkas has shown himself to be incompetent in his job.

“The facts are that Secretary Mayorkas has repeatedly told the public that the border is secure and that the border is not open,” Abbott said in a national exclusive interview with Fox News Digital ahead of his inauguration Tuesday for a third four-year term steering the Lone Star State.

“He testified under oath to those two statements in front of the United States Congress, and despite what he is saying, the reality is under Secretary Mayorkas we have the largest number of people coming across the border illegally than ever in the history of the United States of America,” the governor said.

And Abbott argued that Mayorkas “should be prosecuted for impeachment for lying to Congress and lying to Americans or because he’s incompetent at doing his job.”

It’s clear that Mayorkas does not intend to enforce current immigration laws because he has not done so since he began leading DHS. He does not regularly visit the border to see what the situation on the ground is and he insists in interviews (and Congressional hearings) that the southern border is secure, not porous.

Would the impeachment process change anything? Probably not. That is the discouraging part of this humanitarian and national security crisis. With a Democrat-controlled Senate and a Democrat president, a move to impeach Mayorkas has no chance of succeeding. The only way to oust Mayorkas will be for Biden to fire him and we know that’s not likely. Mayorkas is doing exactly what Biden wants him to do – ignore current laws and rely on catch and release at the border.

There is no love lost between Governor Abbott and the Biden administration. Abbott has done everything in his capacity as governor to secure the border and get Border Patrol agents the resources they need. Texas taxpayers have footed the bill for resources to the tune of billions of dollars over the years. Yet, because of Biden’s negligence and refusal to implement policies and agreements that have a proven track record of working, the crisis is worse, not better, after two years of the Biden administration.

Last month, according to CBP sources, the number of apprehensions at the southern border was more than 250,000. That is a record number for any month in the past.

House Republicans have pledged to hold a hearing on location on the open border. I wonder if C-SPAN will carry that one. It should.

Joe Biden and the Democrats know that illegal immigration will be an issue in the 2024 presidential election. Biden took his first trip – ever – to the Texas border and received a sanitized version of the crisis in El Paso. For a real look at the Biden border crisis, a trip to the Rio Grande Valley is necessary. Biden has been invited by Abbott and other Texas Republicans to tour the border and he has refused to do so with them. There were no Republicans in his entourage when he went to El Paso, not even Rep. Tony Gonzales who represents the district. Biden knows the political consequences he faces.

Abbott will be sworn into his third term as governor today. He will continue to do what he can to secure the border, though it is a federal responsibility.

The governor told Fox News that in his inaugural address, he’ll “point out that the reason why Texas is coming out of pocket $4 billion to secure the border is because Joe Biden is missing in action as it concerns border security. I will outline all of the strategies that we have deployed, which are unprecedented to secure the border, and tell the public that we will once again be funding border security for the next two years.”

Biden’s plan to open the border and allow a flood of illegal immigrants to cross into the country is working. They are coming and many act with great entitlement to do so. Thanks, Joe. The United States is no longer a sovereign nation as long as the southern border is open.

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