What is happening to our food is outrageous. There is a war on land and food; by 2030, the emergence of smart cities could ring the end of good, American farmland.

On Thursday’s radio program, Glenn explained how the aging farming community is dying and will ultimately leave 40% of American farmland up for grabs. This is due to the traditional structure of families being unable to afford the cost of running the farm. Glenn exposed who bought the land and how it’s purchase would affect the entire nation.

“Bill Gates is on a ‘farming expedition,'” Glenn said. Glenn directed his audience to the World Economic Forum website to view big plans to force Americans into smart cities and leave the land alone.

The World Economic Forum and its partners are making plans to have identified goals to hit by 2030 that will reshape American life.

Watch the clip and hear Glenn paint the picture the World Economic Forum envisions for America. Goals include how many calories you can consume daily, removing meat from your diet, how many articles of clothing you can buy each year, and how many cars can be owned per 1000 people.

Video below.

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