We lost track of the number of white Lefties who used MLK Day to trash the Right and push their own agendas and narratives … and the other white Lefties cheering them on. We’d be embarrassed for them if we weren’t so busy pointing and laughing.

Take John Fugelsang, for example. John is a HUGE fan of Twitchy, having called us and we quote, ‘a profoundly amoral attack site.’ For the record, holding people accountable for what they tweet isn’t ‘attacking’ them, John Boy.

It all started here.

Now John WOULDN’T be wrong if he didn’t say ‘as much as civil rights.’ MLK did fight for labor rights but to claim he did so as much as civil rights?

Yeah, no.

Guess how this went?

Ummm …

Psh, we all know he won’t do that.

Watch what he did instead.



Guess we know he can’t really defend his statement or back it up with facts.

Because people who have no real argument often turn to non-sequiturs.

Excellent word for what John did.

And continued to do.


See what we mean?

From The Hill:

Patti Solis Doyle, who was Hillary’s campaign manager until the Iowa caucuses in 2008, admitted first in a tweet and second in a CNN interview that a Hillary staffer first spread the birther issue. While the staffer was fired, the termination happened after the cat was let out of the bag. Patient Zero, thus, was a member of Team Hillary.

The final point was that Trump continued to milk birtherism even after the President released his birth certificate. Again, factually incorrect.

Yes, Trump had posted some colorful tweets about the issue but it was clear the issue was dead and gone. In fact, once Trump announced his candidacy, he routinely refused to address the topic in interviews. When baited, he would refuse to answer the question. Ironically, this spurred media condemnation, too. It was the media, not Trump, who kept birtherism on life support.

It was worth a Google.

Ding ding ding.

Ever notice when they catch Democrats lying they claim they evolved? See Obama on gay marriage …

Yeah, run away, John.

You lost.

John is good at starting weird hissy fits.

One could say he’s almost made a career out of it.



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