Everybody said it was a crazy conspiracy theory, but as usual the conspiracy is real. World leaders actually are reptilian extraterrestrials, just as my third cousin Eddie said!

John Kerry blew the lid off the scam at–where else?–the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. Fox Mulder was right: the truth is out there.

You have to see it to believe it, what exactly John Kerry said. Remember, this man was within a few votes of becoming President of the United States, so he’s not just some rando guy spouting off in a bar. He is, in fact, one of the few at the top of the human pyramid–the people who shape our world for good and ill.

Kerry is riffing on what’s special about the WEF meeting in Davos. Here’s the transcript, as provided by me. So best listen to his words, since I am no transcriber.

…When you stop and think about it, it’s pretty extraordinary that we–a select group of human beings–because of what touched us at some point in our lives–are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet. I mean it’s so…almost extraterrestrial to think about “saving the planet.” If you say that to most people they think you are a crazy, tree hugging lefty liberal do-gooder or whatever and there’s no relationship…but really, that’s where we are.

Kerry in this one 30-second clip captures perfectly the Lefty self-delusion.

The Elite is some transcendent, “select group of people” who have been touched by the hand of Gaia to save her.

It’s almost extraterrestrial! By which I am pretty sure he means transcendent, in the religious sense. Because the whole Climate Change/environmentalism agenda really is driven by a religious impulse, having little to do with science and economics. If it had to do with science and economics there wouldn’t be so much dogma. The talk would be of costs, benefits, error bars, uncertainties, experiments, alternatives.

Instead there is a dogmatic agenda, revealed truth. Revealed to a “select group of people” who have been tapped by Gaia to save her. Not lizard people exactly, but nearly divine, nearly “extraterrestrial” people.

As for the latter part of his riff, I don’t see these people at Davos or any of the top climate alarmists doing ESG and the like as tree hugger/do-gooders. No. They are more like rich televangelists, selling their religious visions to the masses so they can ride in their private aircraft, live on their islands, drive their nice cars, and look down at the rest of us. And visit Epstein Island by flying on the Lolita Express.

There are true believers, of course. Greta Thunberg, of course, and the idiots who actually glue themselves to walls, floors, and cars. But the Davos set are religious scammers doing their extraterrestrial thing or whatever, to put it in John Kerry terms. (Man that guy is so mediocre. Look how far connections get you).

But all of them see themselves as special, having received revelations. People who were “touched” at some point in their lives.

Lord, save us from the “touched.”

Really, would being ruled by lizard people be much worse?

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