Pour one out for Karine Jean-Pierre, folks. The White House press secretary has really been put through the ringer since taking over from Jen Psaki, who looked competent and well spoken in comparison.

And now, with all the recent business about Joe Biden taking classified documents from his time as vice president and storing them in his private office and his garage, the screws have been turned tighter than ever on poor Karine. The screws have been turned so tightly, in fact, that nary a molecule of precious oxygen can get to her brain, and now, her memory is becoming downright Bidenesque.

Have a look:

This isn’t just bad, guys; it’s brutal.

Narrator: No, they most definitely did not.

Karine Jean-Pierre is indeed delivering for the American people. Unfortunately, what she’s delivering is truckloads of BS.

She learned about it on the news!

The White House and DOJ “working very closely” is part of the problem, Karine.

Shorter Karine Jean-Pierre: “Stop asking me all these damn questions! It’s not my job to answer your questions!”

Oh, she moved on, all right. She moved right the eff on outta there:

How many hours of intensive therapy per week do you think she’ll require in order to come out of this job on the other side? Are there even enough hours in the week?

Oh, she cracked a while ago. Now, she’s just straight-up crumbling.



KJP couldn’t get the WH press to buy what she was trying to sell about Biden’s classified docs

We’re starting to think Karine Jean-Pierre doesn’t wanna talk about Biden’s classified docs anymore

No wonder Karine Jean-Pierre ignored Peter Doocy yesterday (here’s the Q he was going to ask)


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