In case you hadn’t heard of him before, Jeffery Williams is a popular rapper who goes by the stage name Young Thug. And he appears to be in some legal trouble.

More from the New York Times:

The indictment charges Mr. Williams with participation in criminal street gang activity and of furthering the interest of a criminal conspiracy through a number of illegal acts; it does not charge him individually with most of those acts, which include accusations that he rented the car used in the murder of a rival gang leader and provided safe harbor for those responsible after the killing.

Mr. Williams has denied everything. “Jeffery is a kind, intelligent, hard-working, moral and thoughtful person,” his lawyer, Brian Steel, said in a statement, arguing that the rapper had been wrongly targeted by law enforcement because of his fictional persona. “Despite the unthinkable oppressive, impoverished and cruel conditions of his upbringing, he has been able to cultivate his creative genius to lawfully and ethically attain phenomenal worldwide success.”

“We believe that Mr. Williams doesn’t sing about random theoretical acts — he sings about gang acts he’s a part of,” Don Geary, then a lawyer for the district attorney’s office, said in court last year.

Authenticity, an always slippery but foundational concept in hip-hop, has taken on even greater significance in the internet age. In places like Atlanta, it is a crucial selling point for the unflinching style of hip-hop known as trap music, which builds on earlier iterations of gangster rap and centers on the drug trade.

To put it simply, Young Thug’s lyrical boasts about criminal activity may end up putting him in prison. And University of San Francisco School of Law Prof. Lara Bazelon knows exactly who’s to blame for that: racists. Just hear her out:

This tweet is the best one in her thread, though:

OK, but … huh?

Is it really racism that Carrie Underwood and Johnny Cash didn’t get indicted for crimes they didn’t actually commit because they’re white?

Context? Lara don’t need no stinkin’ context.

Last time we checked, Bob Marley was not a white guy.

Yes, one would imagine.

What a coincidence! Lara Bazelon is also emotional and not substantive!

What she is, however, is a law professor. Which is pretty disturbing.


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