In case you missed it — and we hope to God that you didn’t, because it was a fascinating little train wreck — Joe Biden belted out a very interesting rendition of “Happy Birthday” yesterday at the National Action Network’s Annual MLK Breakfast. It was interesting because by the time he got to the “Happy birthday dear …” part, he’d already forgotten the name of Arndrea Waters King, the person he was singing to.

Here it is again, because unlike Biden himself, this will never get old:

Now, you watch something like that, and the odds are you can’t help but smile. Or maybe even giggle. Or maybe even just burst into laughter.

And, according to Newsweek, if you do any of those things, you’re victimizing Joe Biden:

Poor POTUS just can’t catch a break, can he?

Damn those Republicans and their eyes and ears!

Don’t worry, Doc. You pounced. You also seized. You noticed and pounced and seized. Oh! And thrusted!

Can’t believe we almost left out “thrusted.” How embarrassing!

Does anyone out there honestly believe that if Donald Trump had forgotten the name of the person he was singing “Happy Birthday” to, Newsweek would’ve framed it like they did for Biden? Please. Not a chance.

At least.


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