Truth be told, we’d never heard of John Iadoarola before his ugly, train wreck of a grammatical nightmare tweet crossed our timeline. Once we looked at his bio and learned that he’s part of The Young Turks everything sort of fell into place.

See for yourselves.

It’s as if these morons don’t have a clue about who MLK really was and what he stood for.

That or they’re just annoying trolls with nothing much to offer so they tweet stupid crap.

Perhaps both.

Oh, and telling the Right to STFU, in general, is stupid, but using MLK Day to imply they should shut up because of racism or some other lazy stereotype? BIG mistake.

He and his tweets definitely don’t help.

What she said.

Yeah, we’re seeing a lot of white Lefties pretend they somehow own MLK and his day.

It’s … well, it’s pretty damn racist.

Yeah, there’s that too.

As a reminder …



For some reason this really made us laugh.

And serves as a perfect ‘button’ or close for such a ‘goofy’ piece.



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