Evil, powerful people hide behind ‘woke’. Don’t be fooled.

Sure, we make fun of ‘woke’ and have written many a story about how ridiculous and stupid the world of woke is, HOWEVER, Carol Roth made a really good point about woke and the actual ‘terrifying evil’ that hides behind it.

We’ll leave it to her since she said (wrote) it way better:

FYI, ESG is Environmental, social, and corporate governance and per Google, ESG is ‘a strategic framework for identifying, assessing, and addressing organizational objectives and activities ranging from the company’s carbon footprint and commitment to sustainability to its workplace culture and commitment to diversity and inclusion.’

Think about that for a minute.

Yup, scary stuff, right?

Something like that. Communists like to pretend they’re doing something FOR THE PEOPLE when in reality they’re only really doing it for themselves. See the WEF.

Plus, ‘terrifying and evil’ is a little clunky for t-shirts and bumper stickers.

Just sayin’.

So they feel better about buying from Apple which uses forced Chinese labor? What now?

Far more intentional and evil.

Call ‘woke’ out for what it’s hiding.



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