Unverified reports have emerged that the Brazilian protesters disputing the recent election results may be subjected to involuntary COVID-19 mRNA injections while being processed into the penal system.

The cited source is an article that appeared in mainstream Brazilian journal Estadao.

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Here is the (very roughly) translated version:

BRASILIA – About a thousand Bolsonarist coup d’état arrested for involvement in acts of invasion and depredation of public buildings in Praça dos Três Poderes, Sunday, 8, began to be taken to the cells. O Stay got details about the prosecution process.

As many men sent to the Papuda Provisional Detention Center as women sent to the same structure as the Hive received, upon arriving in the prisons, a rolled-up mattress to sleep. In addition, they received a uniform and a hygiene kit containing soap, toothpaste and brush. In the case of women, absorbents were also made available.

Upon arriving in prison, the scammers also went through a medical screening process. A task force was set up to do tests on people, vaccinate them, if necessary, and take note of those who have some type of comorbidity or take some regulated medication. [emphasis added]

The next phase of detention is taking hearings with each detainee. This work will be done in a virtual way, bringing together, in each session, a judge, a prosecutor, a defense attorney and the accused. Such sessions usually take about 20 to 30 minutes.

For what it’s worth (which is not much), Newsweek offers a corporate “fact check,” attempting to debunk the claims:

“The National Secretariat for Penitentiary Policies of Brazil informs that, as in the entire national territory, vaccination in the Brazilian prison system is not mandatory,” DEPEN, the National Prison Department of Brazil, told Newsweek in an email, noting that the “management of local prison systems is the responsibility of each state in the federation.”

While unverified, the circulating rumors are entirely plausible. Lula has publicly denounced his predecessor for not promoting the COVID mRNA gene therapies vociferously enough, and the unvaxxed/vaxxed culture war in Brazil has panned out between left and right factions similarly to the US.

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