No, I will not be asking you to leave your comments below. There’s been way too much of that already. But then again, it isn’t like I can stop you, so feel free to hold forth, I guess.

Can someone tell me how this Daily Wire/Steven Crowder tiff has become the story of the week? Somehow, in the space of 48 hours, conservative media has turned into The Real Housewives of the Right. If we just did it all in Spanish, it could be a telenovela.

Full disclosure: I once desired to be a famous conservative talking head. And I wasn’t a bad interviewer, either. Given the right circumstances, I probably could have pulled it off. And I was starting to pick up steam at one point, all those years ago. I interviewed Crowder a few times back before he went to Fox and his dad was still his agent. I even did a segment with Ben Shapiro when his book Prime Time Propaganda came out. I was one of those guys whose show people did when they were on their way up the ladder. I’m pretty sure that if I showed up at Crowder or Shapiro’s office with demos, writing samples, and a big smile and said “Remember me?” they would say “No.” Then they would call for security. But that’s showbiz. It’s a business, hence the name. And to be honest,  if there had been an equivalent of the Daily Wire back then, I probably would have jumped at the chance to join.

I have heard that the masks have been ripped off of Crowder and the Daily Wire. I’ve heard it said that Crowder cannot survive on his own and that people are dumping their DW subscriptions left and right. Yes, accusations are coming out, and I’m sure we’ll hear more revelations before this post-nasal drip comes to an end. Which I hope will be soon.

On one hand, this has all been more entertaining than an appearance by Karine Jean-Pierre on Jeopardy! On the other hand, it is somewhat sordid to watch. People are taking sides as they discover that their heroes are human, after all, and not Super Conservatives. Everybody drops the ball now and then.

On the other hand (yes, I know, we’re up to three; don’t nitpick), I remember Crowder’s appearance on Shapiro’s Sunday Special. They were both cracking somewhat wise about having to pay their dues on little shows like mine to get where they are today. I thought, “Yeah, guys, you’re welcome. Enjoy the view from up there. We didn’t all make it that far.” So maybe Crowder and DW could benefit from a little humility right now.

For our VIPs: Conservative Comedy’s Rise Was Inevitable

This brings me to my final point. The crime rate is rising, government corruption is at an unbelievable high, and illegal aliens are pouring over the border. We have a puppet who doesn’t know what day it is in the White House, the CCP seems to be everywhere, prices are rising, a recession is looming, and nuclear war is a possibility. And every day, more and more of our children lose their innocence. We need every conservative, and for that matter every moderate and sane voice we have on deck right now. Everyone is a part of the effort. That includes Crowder, DW, The Blaze, PJ Media, and especially you. Let Crowder be Crowder and DW be DW.

In the meantime, find your voice and your fight. Your voice is the strongest one out there. Even if the big names get the glory, it is the regular people who change the world. And while you’re at it, why not become a PJ Media VIP? You get access to every part of the experience around here, including the chance to comment and hear our podcasts. Click here and use the promo code SAVE AMERICA for a 40% discount.

Wine Recommendation: Because good wine is tasty and nice to drink. And it’s wine. What more do you need?

Let me introduce you to Rhiannon California Red. It’s named for a Celtic goddess. Relax — you’re going to drink it, not pray to it. Well, this is America. You can pray to whatever you want.

Rhiannon is a Napa Valley red blend consisting of Barbera and variants of Syrah/Sirah. People who know more about wine than I do (and that is a sizable number) say the best year for Rhiannon at the moment is 2019, and that is readily available in stores. It is a fruitier wine without being too sweet, with a little zing and a hint of smoke. It runs between $11 and $14 depending on your location. IMHO it is best savored extremely slowly. So if you’re looking to get tiddly and drunk, dial a friend to give them your response to Steven Crowder and stick to whiskey.

That’s all for me. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday.

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