Mayor Bowser wants federal government workers to show up at the office.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser realizes the working-from-home option is destroying the businesses in downtown DC. In her inaugural address, Bowser let the Federal workers know they had to show up to the offices or vacate so she can get some people into the area.

Bowser wants the boss, Joe Biden, to force staff back to work instead of allowing remote work.
Politico has the story:

There are days when downtowns in other American towns can almost look like they did before 2020. In the 9-to-5 core of Washington, though, there’s no mistaking the 2023 reality with the pre-Covid world. Streets are noticeably emptier and businesses scarcer. Crime has ticked up. The city’s remarkable quarter-century run of population growth and economic dynamism, and robust tax revenues seems in danger.

Officials now privately worry about a return to the bad old days when the District, unable to pay its bills, was forced to throw itself on the mercy of Newt Gingrich’s Congress. And while some of the broad factors that caused the whipsaw change from municipal optimism to civic anxiety are beyond any local pol’s control, bringing Uncle Sam’s workers back is something denizens of D.C.’s government think mayoral cajoling might affect.

The GOP is looking to pass a Show Up for Work bill. This is so pathetic. They need a bill because you can’t fire the people who resist.

The House Republican majority has introduced the “Stopping Home Office Work’s Unproductive Problems” (“SHOW UP) bill, which would “mandate that federal agencies return to their pre-Covid office arrangements within 30 days,” according to Politico. And House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) has let it be known that his committee will look into inefficiencies and other failures of telework.

They are taking advantage. Federal workers never want to give back a thing.

The World Economic Forum transhumanists and futurists have predicted the end of office work and are pushing this. Politicians better put a stop to it now, or they may never be able to do so.

COVID mandates and lockdowns started this. The globalists took advantage of this to push their kooky agenda.

DC is the biggest employer of federal workers, so this isn’t changing any time soon if the federal workers have any say.

Biden and his team want to keep the mandates and are talking about reinstating them. They like the control. Biden wants to keep us in “perpetual emergency.” He loves the power, and it does conform to his friends in the WEF.

Biden’s DOJ continues to appeal mask mandates for travelers. Keeping federal workers at home makes his authoritarianism easier to enforce. That will be easier if he wants to slip back into lockdowns.


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