The country music star John Rich was one of the few entertainers who had the guts to take a stand against the ridiculously “woke” lockdown rules that were being imposed by concert venues all over the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is now paying off for him in a big way, as he’s saying that he won a lawsuit against one concert venue that prioritized being “woke” over entertaining Rich’s fans. 

‘I Never Bent The Knee’

“During the lockdowns, I stated I’d NEVER play a concert venue that forced fans to show their ‘papers’ for entry concerning Covid,” Rich wrote on Twitter.

“One venue added that rule after I agreed to play, so I cancelled it,” he added. “The promoter sued me. He LOST the case today! Happy to say I never bent the knee.”

Social Media Users Praise Rich

Social media users have been quick to congratulate Rich on his victory. 

“Same here, brother. I may have lost my job for not taking the jab, but God has provided for my family abundantly. I prayed and He told me to ‘wait,’” one user commented. ” What else was I supposed to do?! Bonus is that I no longer have to fly my former execs to Davos!”

“Excellent!” another user added. “I’m a huge live music fan, and I’m boycotting all musicians and venues that required the covid death shot for entry to any of their shows, forever. So now I attend mostly local live music.”

“Congratulations. That is the right thing to do,” a third user commented. “Standing up for what you believe is right. That’s the Freedom Loving American Attitude. That’s why I like your music. You tell things exactly how you see them. Your song PROGRESS is my favorite song and I play it proudly.”

Check out Rich’s anti-woke song “Progress” for yourself in the video below. 

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Rich Took A Stand During COVID

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Rich frequently spoke out against vaccine mandates. In September of last year, he even tweeted that he is “not vaccinated and still alive.”

In February of 2022, Rich took to Twitter to say that he knows an “A-list star” who was “fired” by another major artist for refusing to get vaccinated.

“Recorded with an A list player today who was FIRED from one of the biggest artists in country music for not taking the jab,” Rich wrote. “Tears flowed, but in the end she did not bow down.”

“GOOD for her!” he continued. “These ‘country’ artists market to you, but they ain’t you. You’ll find out names, soon.”

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Rich Calls Out ‘Fake As Hell’ Artists

Not stopping there, Rich proceeded to call out country music artists who he believes are “fake as Hell.”

“If singers believe in their stances, why won’t they say it in public?” he tweeted. “Why do they rain down wrath on their employees in the dark halls of a tour bus, then walk out into the spotlight and give you a high five as they pretend to be like you?

“Fake as hell,” Rich added. “I bet you can guess who.”

Rich is one of the few entertainers out there who is not afraid to tell it like it is. By refusing to play at venues that have vaccine mandates, he showed that he’s not afraid to stand up for what he believes in, even if doing so hurts his pocket book.

We’d like to congratulate Rich for coming out victorious in this lawsuit! 

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