Harvard Medical School is including climate change in its medical school curriculum. And not just some minor nod to the issue; rather it is woven into the curriculum all 4 years.

Because of course it is. Why not? It’s not like medicine has anything to do with fundamental biological realities, the proper functioning of body parts, or things that used to be crucial to Western medicine. We are all into respecting Indigenous spirituality, unnatural identities, and shaky theories.

I’m mildly surprised nobody has tried to hire Gwyneth Paltrow to teach about the healing power of shoving stones into one’s private parts. Maybe soon.

The impetus for including climate change, and yes, climate activism into the medical training came from an unsurprising source: a whiny white wealthy woman who pressured the school to take up the challenge of healing the planet.

Raised by two psychologists, Madeleine Kline had wanted to become a doctor since she was little. And when she learned in high school how human activity was fueling climate change, she concluded “it felt fundamentally like a health problem.”

So it seemed the most natural thing for her to go into medicine. And once at Harvard Medical School, she combined her two interests to help produce a novel undertaking at the 350-year-old institution: embed teaching about the effects of climate change into all four years of the medical degree curriculum.

“I realized that the world then,” she said of her youth, “was not the world that I was going to inhabit as an adult or raise my children in. And, if I wanted to help take care of people, I needed to understand the challenges my patients were going to face.”

Now in her third year, Kline was among a small group of students and faculty who helped convince school leaders to adopt the new curriculum, which was approved earlier in January. It will include instruction on the effects of climate change on human health, the role health care systems play in contributing to climate change, and how physicians can work to be part of the solution.

This is absurd. Climate change has literally no impact on human health. Environmental conditions certainly do. Excessive heat, cold, dry conditions, storms…any number of environment-related factors can have an impact on our well-being. None of these is fundamentally related to climate change in any way. Every single thing that is discussed as caused by climate change was 100% a problem 100, 500, 1000, and 5000 years ago for human beings.

This is pure political posturing.

I live in Minnesota, where it gets both excessively hot (above 100) and excessively cold (-30), and has done so for all recorded history. A degree or two one way or another changes literally nothing. There is far more natural variation in temperatures than anything “warming” can do.

A person experiences far more climate shock getting on a plane and flying from Bangor, Maine to Houston, Texas than would ever happen due to a fluctuation in temperatures in Bangor alone. So please, quit BSing. People are moving from New York to Florida at a rate that should alarm Gov. Hochul, and they seem to deal with the heat just fine.

People live in Qatar, for God’s sake. People climb to the top of Everest for sport.

I would say this is just virtue signaling, but it really isn’t. What is happening is a recruitment of medical professionals to use their prestige to push the radical green agenda. By claiming that CO2 emissions are a public health issue the Greens have a powerful new argument to use. And of course Harvard has signed onto the agenda.

Given the performance of our medical elites over the past few years I would suggest that they husband their credibility, not spend it even more wildly than they have since COVID showed up.

Doctors still have an enormous amount of prestige, and much of it is earned. We literally put our lives in their hands. Yet the profession has joined the woke parade, and will lose trust as people realized that it has become increasingly politicized. Some medical schools have already begun teaching that they should approach patients not as individuals but as members of a large community, laying the groundwork for Canadian-style medical tyranny.

And by now everybody knows that trans-ideology has swept the profession as well. Everything is political, including your statin treatments apparently.

Now this. How long until doctors become as politicized as public school teachers? Will we soon see doctors openly calling for a boycott of Trump voters? Will we have to sign loyalty oaths to the Left in order to get treated?

We are perilously close.

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