We will give credit to Rep. Eric Swalwell for one thing; as far as we know, he didn’t make a TikTok video about being kicked off the Intelligence Committee as Rep. Adam Schiff did. Nothing like using Chinese spyware to complain about losing your slot on the Intelligence Committee.

Swalwell’s already conveyed via Twitter that Speaker Kevin McCarthy is going to regret giving Swalwell more free time to devise his plan for revenge. He told the same thing to MSNBC, and thought the clip was so good that he tweeted it from his own account.

“What will I do about Speaker McCarthy?” Whine like a baby, we know.

It’s rhetoric like that about McCarthy that’s going to get him killed. After all, Swalwell said McCarthy was going to get him, Ilhan Omar, and Adam Schiff killed.

This reminds of us the time Adam Kinzinger literally threatened Catturd™.

He’s getting about as much support in the replies as he did during his run for president.


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