The White House held a Lunar New Year celebration on Thursday evening. During the evening’s activities, Jill Biden exhibited her skill in keeping her husband away from pesky questions from the press. You know, like questions about those classified documents that keep showing up in their private residence and the Penn Biden think tank.

One reporter with our sister site Town Hall filmed a video of Biden being asked about the possibility that he would support a search for classified documents at the Biden beach mansion in Rehoboth Beach. Biden, looking dazed and confused, turns in the direction of the reporter as he and Jill are walking into the celebration, and then Jill takes over before he can respond to the reporter.

In case you are still wondering who is in charge of this administration, it’s Jill. She keeps a tight leash on the most powerful man on earth and pushes old Joe away from the press at every opportunity. Can you imagine any other first lady doing that sort of thing? Not even Michelle Obama, who was frequently referred to as a dominant force in Obama’s administration, tried to put herself between the president and the press. It makes the president look weak and incapable of speaking for himself.

Jill threw her hands up in an indication that she was not having it. No, no. No questions for the old man.

At the end of the evening’s entertainment, Jill once again took charge and ordered her husband to come up on stage. Then she told him not to dance because he would ruin the evening. Yikes! Someone is bossy, eh?

First lady Jill Biden coaxed President Joe Biden onstage Thursday evening at the White House during a Lunar New Year celebration to mark the conclusion of a dragon dance performance.

‘Are you going to dance?’ the president asked the first lady as the troupe ended their performance and there was an awkward pause.

‘No, you’re going to come up. … Come on up Joe! No, you’re not going to dance,’ Dr. Biden replied, as the president teased he might do so. ‘Believe me, you don’t want to ruin the evening,’ the first lady added.

Poor Joe was a little confused about leaving the stage earlier in the program.

Biden loves to boast about everything his administration does as being the most historic or the first or the best. In this case, he was boasting that the scale of this celebration was the largest one yet at the White House. There was a question as to if it should even happen given recent events in California.

The president touted that the White House was hosting the ‘first Lunar New Year reception of this scale’ during the Thursday evening affair and added that he had received California Rep. Judy Chu’s blessing to hold the joyous event – in the aftermath of two mass shootings that took place in Asian-American communities.

‘I spoke with Judy several days ago. I said, “Judy what should I do? Should I continue – should I be in California or should I still have this celebration?” And she felt very strongly,’ the president said. ‘She said we have to move forward. Her message was don’t give into fear and sorrow. Don’t do that. Stand in solidarity and the spirit of toughness, that’s what this holiday is all about.’

Across the country, Lunar New Year celebrations have been marked with sadness after a gunman killed 11 people in Monterey Park, California at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio, after an all-day Lunar New Year festival was held in an adjacent street on Saturday.

Chu represents Monterey Park in the House.

Poor Joe looked a little startled during a performance last night.

And, as usual, he botched his remarks, even as he was trying to brag about how many Asian Americans he has in his administration. Or something.

It’s enough to almost feel sorry for the old guy. But don’t. He’s 80 years old and that is too old for anyone to be president. This is Jill’s ambitions and Joe’s ego playing out. They know he’s well past being up for the job, they just don’t care. They want power. Think of the future grifting opportunities that will come their way. I don’t think they’ll get Barack and Michelle Netflix kind of money but they’ll do just fine. Hunter already knows how the game is played.

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