Gosh, maybe it’s just us but it looks like J.K. Rowling isn’t the LEAST bit worried about trans-activists no longer admiring her. Heh.

Ok, so it’s clearly NOT just because our favorite warrior for women’s rights (actual rights, not the make-believer rights the Left keeps making up) J.K. Rowling was quite direct in explaining how little she cares about losing their admiration. You can tell she writes for a living, seriously.

Look at this masterpiece.

Coincidentally, this editor has a similar box.

Just sayin’.

It has been interesting to watch the reaction to Rowling adamantly defending women – in the beginning, we’d just see a lot of anime characters screeching at her that she was a bigot. Now though, we’re seeing women who are survivors speaking up …

For example:

She breaks our hearts.

Rowling responded.

There are so many more …

And then those who raised their kiddos with her books:

Nice right?

Oh, don’t worry, this is still Twitter and there are plenty of crazies out there trying to bust on her:

Pretty sure that’s not what she said at all … project much?


Cartoons. Puppets. Logos.

How will J.K. ever manage without their admiration?

Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t care.



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