If we are not circling the drain just yet, we are darned close. The latest sign that the tide is going out on American culture comes to us from Texas. I know, Texas is supposed to be one of those sanctuary states for normalcy, but let’s be honest: nowhere is safe, except for your living room. And if you have a TV there, your living room may not even count.

Sara Gonzales of Defend Our Kids TX was recently kicked out of a drag event she was filming. Which is interesting, since it was also streamed on Facebook. Among the adults enjoying the show while guzzling beer, wine, and drinks that look like they may have been purchased at a local convenience store were children. Because all of the best and trendiest parents don’t miss the chance to take their children to a drag event where alcohol is being served. At one point, the master (mistress?) of ceremonies stands up and offers the following toast: “So raise your glasses. Cheers to you, cheers to me. Cheers to the ones who lick us where we pee.”

You can watch the video below if you have the stomach for it. You have been warned.

I’ll drink to many things, but not that. You see, if you sat through the whole thing (and if you did, you have a titanium stomach), you saw the part where the drag queens perform while the audience howls like coyotes. Along with one child who hands a performer cash, other children run out onto the floor to scoop up the tip money. The M.C. declares, “That right there is our future, guys.” Yes, developing strip club etiquette is the most important part of a child’s education.

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Who told these parents that this was a good idea? The culture. Who convinced them that this would help them raise well-adjusted children? The culture. Who made the decision to expose their children to this? Well, that’s on the parents who are chasing the culture. As someone who was groomed by his own father, I can tell you that these kinds of parents value being on the cutting edge to the point that they choose to remain oblivious to the potential damage and trauma waiting for their children later in life. This is ego above all else. This is cutting edge to the point of lobotomization. But once everyone is convinced that sexualizing children is a good thing, the problem magically goes away, right?

Not that it needs to be said, but what consenting adults choose to do with their time is their business. Bringing children into it is a recipe for disaster.

We did not get a red wave, but we have been in the midst of a blue one for some time. It is similar to the one you can probably see in your toilet bowl. The difference is, that blue wave is meant to clean your toilet. This blue wave wants you to swim in it.

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